Redeemed Christian Fellowship is a Christian community empowering people to live a Kingdom Influenced life through biblical teaching, practical living, and being intentionally loving.

Our mission is to create opportunities for people, by creating people for the opportunities.  We use the tools of discipleship, the principles of stewardship, and the concept of fellowship, while allowing the Holy Spirit to transform individuals, families, communities, and societies, in preparation for the return of our Lord Jesus.

About Redeemed

Redeemed Christian Fellowship is a non-denomination ministry focusing on launching people into their full potential through a Christ centered Life of embracing his Kingdom.  We exist to be more than a church, religious organization, or faith-based experience.  Instead, Redeemed Christian Fellowship builds on the great commission of Jesus Christ, to go and make disciples of all nation.  We accomplish this by seeking to do the following: 

a.      Launching individuals into their God-given purpose. (Matthew 28:19)

b.      Impacting the world through individual change. (Matthew 28:20)

c.      Glorifying the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  (1 Peter 2:12)

Function of the Ministry

A.     Worship:  The ministry is Christ centered, with a strong emphasis on corporate and central worship.  This worship is carried out during the course of the week, through regular services on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Each service is designed to impact individuals with the tools and principles of the kingdom of god.

B.     Education:  A school serving the children (Pre-K - ?), will be a strong focus of the ministry in the first phase.  Other training partnership will provide ministry training, and advance degrees in biblical studies.  Phase two of the plan will extend the education being offered, to higher grade levels.

C.     Missions:  The ministry should see the world as a mission field, where people are in need of God’s saving grace, and every profession is an opportunity for Godly influence.  Everyone is encouraged to participate in local and international mission not only to serve, but to learn from the needs of others.

D.     Counseling:  As humanity experience more and more brokenness resulting from the challenges of life, the ministry seeks to meet the needs of the community by providing biblical counseling.  Counselors will be trained to serve the community, and beyond.

E.     Transition:  Transition ministry focuses on individuals in a transition between Jobs, and seeks to connect employers with qualified, quality, believers.  Weekly meetings will be held to allow employers the opportunity to advertise their employment needs.  Job training and professional presentation training will develop individuals’ skillset, as well as prepare them for the work environment.

F.      Elderly Care:  Long-term care of the elderly will be another strong emphasis of the ministry, as a part of our long-term goal.

G.      After-School care:  This experience should be more than a babysitting time, but rather seek to engage our youths at all grade levels to participate in sports, extracurricular activity, technical training, etc.  We would partner with skilled community experts to teach a course for a few hours per week, giving the youths life skills. (Ex. Someone who is a mechanic and teach on the components of the vehicle, and basic repairs and maintenance).

H.     Sports League: In addition to opportunities available in the community, redeemed will serve as a supplement to offer various sports opportunity for kids to participate at various grade levels.

I.      Counseling:  The goal is to become the premiere resource for the community to resolve conflicts, settle disputes, address domestic challenges, and provide biblical guidance to our leadership.