We are delighted that you choose to visit us.  Remember, our goal is to meet your needs.  So to better meet your needs, here is how you can partner with us to do so.
1. Consider giving us your honest feedback, by taking a 5 minutes survey.2. Let us know how you can be a part of the solution (Your expertise, experience, etc.)
3. Go to the source, schedule a meeting with our Pastor immediately.

We take the investment of our covenant partners very seriously.  According to Luke 12:34 "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also," and therefore fully believe that our partners have entrusted us with their hearts, their passion, and their trust.  We have several opportunity to support our efforts.  Online purchasing can be done by clicking here, to purchase T-Shirts.  You can also send mail to 881 Jamerson Rd. Marietta GA 30066.  


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